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How To Make Your Wedding a Success

Some say that there are three things that guests will remember about a wedding; 1) the brides dress, 2) the food and 3)  the band..and not necessarily in that order.


We dont know if thats true but the reception segment with dining and dancing is undeniably the heart of the party. The very party that can be the lasting memory your guests take with them.

It is more than fair to say that the band inevitably makes or breaks the success of a bride's wedding reception. An average band will make a wedding reception party average. A great band will have guests talking about about how fantastic your wedding was for years afterwards. The difference is night and day.


There are literally thousands of bands so how do you pick? Here are some of the things that distinguish us from the rest.


A 3 hour Non Stop Show.


Most bands will take several breaks throughout the evening and have only around 40 songs in their show,


The Celebrity All Stars have over 75 songs in their "live" show & perform a 3 hour non stop show with no breaks 


This keeps your partys energy hi & going all night, right to the end.

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