Party Band Washington DC

Party Band Washington DC
The Celebrity All Star Band in Washington DC at the Smithsonian
Party Band Washington DC
Celebrity All Star Band at Washington National Cathedral
Party Band Washington DC
Celebrity All Star Band at Hay Adams Hotel for amanda & ryan
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What does the Celebrity All Star party band do when in our nations capitol of Washington DC? Certainly not politics. We prefer instead to provide the dance band entertainment for high powered private events at venues like Smithsonian including the Museum of the American Indian and the museum of Natural History


Brides want a spectacular wedding reception party? No problem. We re the high energy cover band that can provide dance band wedding entertainment for a reception like Jessica and Zach's regal wedding at Washington National Cathedral

or Amanda and Ryans wedding at a famous land mark like The Hay Adams Hotel with its Top Of The Hay panoramic views

Other weekends you might find us as the featured corporate events entertainment 

for the 100 year old DC law firm Booze Allen Hamilton in down town Washington DC.

Favorite thing about Washington DC? The Off The Record Bar" chosen by Forbes as one of the world's best hotel bars

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