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Focus Your Wedding Budget On What Counts

To be brutally honest and bridal floral vendors are gonna hate us for saying this but in our experience with 60 weddings a year all over the country, the old adage there are three things that your guests will remember about your wedding seems to hold true...1) your dress, 2) the food, 3) and the band..and not necessarily in that order as the reception segment with eating and dancing can be the lasting memory your guests take with them..We ve seen what works and unfortunately what fails. We can say unbiased & unequivocally that the band inevitably always makes or breaks the success of a bride's wedding reception. An average band will make your wedding reception average or worse be a total let down. A great band however which does cost a little more will have guests talking about about how fantastic your wedding was for years afterwards. The difference is epic.

In wedding sector entertainment you do get what you pay can certainly find cheaper bands but most in the lower tier price range are very average at best. Some no better than glorified bar bands

If your wedding budget is not infinite, there are many creative ways you can save money in some areas in order to be able re allocate those funds to the important aspects that matter most for your wedding. We always advise brides again & again don't skimp on the entertainment. It makes or breaks the party

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